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What is 401(k) Benchmarking and Why Should You Do It?

401(k) Benchmarking

Simply stated, benchmarking is the process of reviewing and evaluating your company retirement plan. It involves taking a look atwhat you are offering your employees today...

Motivating Savings with Financial Wellness

Motivating Savings

Being physically fit is a hot New Year's resolution...what about being financially fit? Read how you can help motivate plan participants with a financial wellness program...

Items Your Annual Retirement Plan Review May Be Missing

Annual Retirement Plan Review

Five major areas to review with your retirement plan committee for your Annual 401(k) Review...

Benchmarking is a retirement plan best practice that allows plans sponsors the opportunity to 'take a peak under the hood' of their 401(k).

Benchmarking 401(k) Funds

Benchmarking is a retirement plan best practice that allows plans sponsors the opportunity to...

Should We Have a Retirement Plan Committee?

Retirement Plan Committee?

If you are an employer or employee that has decision-making authority over your company's retirement plan...

The Dreaded 401(k) Refund: Corrective Distributions

Corrective Distributions

With tax season fresh on our minds, many hear the word refund and begin running down their...

Employer's Guide to Dealing With Missing 401(k) Participants

Missing 401(k) Participants

Locating missing plan participants can be a headache for any employer, but simply ignoring them is...

The Financial Marathon

Financial Marathon

For many people, their ultimate financial goal is to reach a comfortable retirement with enough...

Health Savings Accounts: Features Your Employees May Thank You For

Health Savings Accounts

For the majority of future retirees, medical expenses pose significant risk to any retirement...

The DOL Fiduciary Rule is dead, but you're still a fiduciary

DOL Fiduciary Rule is Dead

On June 21, 2018, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals vacated the requirements of the U.S. Department of...

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