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EPIC Retirement Plan Services is pleased to share this library of nine videos containing essential information to help you effectively manage your retirement plan.

Who is a Fiduciary?

  Plan Sponsor Video 1/9

How do you determine who a fiduciary is? What duties and responsibilities does a fiduciary have? What exposure does a fiduciary have to duties and responsibilities? Brian Furgala, an ERISA attorney, answers these questions.

Fiduciary Duties & Risks

  Plan Sponsor Video 2/9

After determining what and who a fiduciary is, Brian Furgala discusses a fiduciaries duties and responsibilities to both participants and beneficiaries of a retirement plan and how these duties and responsibilities are handled.

Managing Risk with Co-Fiduciaries

  Plan Sponsor Video 3/9

How do co-fiduciaries help you manage liability and responsibilities for retirement plans? Brian Furgala talks about the various ways you can manage your risk with co-fiduciaries.

What's a Plan Audit?

  Plan Sponsor Video 4/9

When an audit is required, there are many things to be aware of and consider for your retirement plan. CariAnn Todd, a CPA, goes over what an audit is, when it's required and how you should go about selecting an auditor.

Managing a Plan Audit

  Plan Sponsor Video 5/9

Why do auditors audit more than just financial statements? Why is their testing so meticulous? What things can be done to make an audit run smoothly? CariAnn Todd answers these questions and helps you prepare and smooth the way for a successful audit.

How You Define Compensation Matters

  Plan Sponsor Video 6/9

The majority of errors discovered during an audit relate to the use of and improper definition of "Plan Compensation." CariAnn Todd talks about the different definitions, consequences of using the wrong amount and how to avoid problems with your retirement plan.

Auto Enrollment

  Plan Sponsor Video 7/9

What is auto enrollment? How does it work? And how does it increase the number of employees participating in a retirement plan? Robert Richter, ERISA Attorney and Vice President FIS wealth and retirement administration, shares with you this information and more.

Plan Fees and Expenses

  Plan Sponsor Video 8/9

One aspect of your roll as a plan fiduciary, and its requirements, is setting and understanding plan fees and expenses. Robert Richter discusses the conditions of paying these fees and expenses out of plan assets and your roll in setting reasonable levels for these fees and expenses.

Your Plan Document

  Plan Sponsor Video 9/9

A legal requirement for having and maintaining a qualified retirement plan, is to have the retirement plan in writing. In this video, Robert Richter goes over what needs to be in this written plan, including elegibility requirement, how benefits are determined and when they may be distributed.


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